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My two heroes. The smartest man in the universe, and the richest man in the world...

OK, is this simple enough? Nothing more than a list of links that I use on a regular basis.

My Blog


                 Urinal Cakes

                 New Antarctica

                 -How to Affiliate 2006

                 -How to Affiliate 2007

                 -How to Affiliate 2008

My NaNoWriMo Novels (Unedited… just as they were regurgitated from the scary dark recesses of my brain…)

                 -2005  Undecided

                 -2006 Not Today Piggy

                 -2007 Sue and the Bureaucrats

                 -2008 Death of the Soul Stealing Weasels of Despair

Other websites I waste time at:

                 The Piker Press

                                  -Piker Forums

                 Help Find the Missing

                 Dave Barry’s Blog


                 My Photobucket