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Two67 Records works with ALL kinds of music, this site is dedicated to rappers. Thank you for your time.
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MESSAGE: We are currently in partnership with Geocities and due to our Web Site  failure and  continuous errors we are using Geocities for our Web Page. Latley we have been looking for new Rap Artists but due to our circumstances we are only excepting QUALIFIED Rap Artists. If you do not consider your self a qualified Rap Artist Click Here and we can help you out. Thank you for your time and we wish you the best for your music career.
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ATTENTION FUTURE RAPPERS: Our members are blowing up. You wont bealive the response our members has been getting from Record Labels, just last week a Rapper was signed to $450,000 dollar contract from our referral! We are working with Treble Records, Sensor Records and Urban Theory. Urban Theory is also looking for new talent but they will only except EXPERINCED Rappers. So if we were to refer your name to them they would highly look upon that. Thats what's great about being a member, we refer your name to as many Record Labels as we can and THE REPLYS ARE INCREDIBLE. Every week we send Urban Theory information on our members, if you are a member here it will give you a big advantage to others. They look so big on members here, its a great way to get your name known. EVERY week we send them information on our members (like your E-Mail address) after they get your E-mail address they will later send you a list of questions, if they like what they hear about you they will further contact you for more information. To become a member or just get more information just Click Here.
You say you pack a piece? YOUR NIGGAZ BETTER PACK TO. Cuz us Brown Pride niggaz shot threw, "but us thugs dont cry", So now you diss on Pac? Nigga evert thug sheds...
Check out this weeks "Diss of the week." Every week people submit a verse trying to out diss the last, turning it into a battle. We receive a lot of entries trying to make it to our "Diss of the week" but we will only pick one. Although it is hard to make it to our diss of the week, Record Labels understand that if you make it you are obviously a good lyricist.. Many of the Agents and Record Labels who look at our site look for people who can not only Rap some rhymes but someone who can also write them. If you make it to our diss of the week you will be there for 6 moths, but due to our Web Site we lost all our  information on our past disses. If you think you got what it takes to make it to our diss of the week, click on the rhyme below and submit your diss!
Do you want to be noticed as a rapper? We are going to start featuring Rap Artists in our web site for 50 Dollars a week or 150 Dollars a month. Since so many Record Labels travel threw this site it is a GREAT way to be noticed, we will build you your own page with information about you. We will also include demos (If you have some) Pictues (If you have some) and lyrics. This is a full first class page dedicated to exposing you to the music industry. If you are intrusted or you would like to know more about this service, Click Here, Thanks for your time.
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Name: UndaCovaThug486
Comments: Yo I just want ta tell everyone who is lookin at this, Two67 Records is tight. Their down wit everythang and after I got a online agent they hooked me up with some people, I droped a track, got a agent, and im talkin bout a record deal. Much love gos out ta Two67 Records.

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ATTENTION FUTURE MEMBERS: Members have the biggest advantage to any other rapper out there. We have built a web site JUST FOR OUR MEMBERS, plus you get your own free online agent that will help you threw the industry, showing you where you can get background beats, where you can contact Record Labels, and they try their best to get you signed to a record label. and for a limited time, if you sign up you'll receive a free background beat. Due to our good relationship with Urban Theory, we send them weekly information on our members, this is a great way to get exposed! Members not only are refered to other record labels but they are also sent a weekly news letter that might include being signed to Two67 Records. For more information Click Here.
DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A RAPPER BUT DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSING? We have had some much experience with the music industry, we want to give it to you. we know what makes you successful in the music business! Becoming a rapper isn't as hard as you think, you just have to know the right information. Thats why so many people out there will never make it in the industry because they don't know the secrets. Are you serious about the industry but don't know where to start, Click Here and we can give you a Online Agent.

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TWO67 NEWS: Dacio has been in the rap industry for years writing lyrics. We have recently hooked up with the talented rapper and talked to him about writing  lyrics for Two67 Records, although he his lyrics are obviously some of the best in the industry we are giving it to you at a special price! If you want to get your CD out, why not take it to its full potential and have the best lyrics you can possibly have on it? We have done many lyrical talent searches and Dacio was the best rapper with the lyrical talent to join Two67 Records,Click Here for more
OneLyfe you claim you are involved with a Brown Pride gang, if you are not black then how come you use the word "nigga"?
Click Here for the interview with OneLyfe
Here is where niggaz might get it wrong...
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Two67 News: Due to our web site failure and constant errors, we are using Geocities to run our site. is currently being worked on and this time we plan to have it even bigger and better then last time. Keep in mind that we are only temporarily using Geocities until is back up, this update is scheduled to happen by January. A special thanks from the Two67 Staff, DONT FORGET TO REGISTER AS A MEMBER!
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