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After Death
Disclaimer: The sonic gang does NOT belong to widdle mee

Part IV
After endless dreams of memories of my previous life, I awoke. I sat up stretching my bat-like wings. I guess I could get use to this, living with Cousin Danny, having bat-like wings and a devil tale. Though it will require adjusting, I'm too scared to get out of bed. This is so new to me, this new world, but I can't get use to it if I stay in bed. I stood up stretching my arms, wings, and devil tail.

I entered the bathroom to brush my teeth and other daily morning stuff. I looked around for another tooth brush. (I didn't want to use Danny's, ew) I looked in draws and cabinets, and at last I found a spare toothbrush, whew! I squeezed the tooth paste onto the tooth bush (red tooth paste, weird) and began brushing. Then, without me knowing a dark chao entered the bathroom.

"Uh...ello..." I said to the chao. The dark chao ignored me and hoped onto the sink. It grabbed a tooth brush and began to brush it's sharp teeth. The dark chao had red wings that looked weak, I guess the chao couldn't fly. The dark chao had sleepy eyes and stared at himself in the mirror as he brushed his teeth. When the chao was finished, he spit of the tooth paste, turned around and looked at me.

"Erm...hi" I said stupidly to the sleep chao with the tooth brush in my mouth. The chao raised it's eyebrow and hopped off the sink and walked out of the bathroom.

I didn't know Danny had a pet chao, I guess it was sleeping when I arrived yesterday. I put the tooth brush down, washed my mouth and followed the chao. It was headed for the kitchen. The dark chao opened the refrigerator door, I was surprised that a chao with small arms could open such a big door. The dark chao pulled out a soda can, for breakfast? The chao drank it all in a second and threw it over its little shoulder without a care. Then the chao walked over to the couch that Danny was sleeping on in the living. It sat on Danny's chest and turned on the tv.

I shrugged and turned around back in th kitchen, I helped my self to some toast. As I munched on toast I heard sounds of Danny snoring, the sounds of the tv, and hearing dogs bark outside. I finished my toast went into the living room where Danny and the dark chao was. Unfortunately, Danny rolled over on his stomach, squashing the dark chao under him. The poor chao yelled out the words "!" the chao couldn't really talk, but you understood what he was trying to say. I helped the chao by pushing Danny off of the chao, not awaking him though, the chao slid off.

The dark chao looked up at me, I was expecting a thank you, but instead the chao stuck out his tongue at me rudely and walked away into the kitchen.

"Hmph, fine be that way!" I yelled at the chao annoyed. From my yelling, Danny woke up.

"I see you met Chaotin" said Danny sleepily.

"Yeah, Chaotin has an attitude problem. Didn't you train him? You are his owner, aren't you?"

"Yeah, but lets just say I am a 'Care-free owner'" (meaning he doesn't really care what Choatin does)

"Oh, well you should at least teach him some manners" I said annoyed. Danny shrugged and got up from the couch. "Where are you going?"

"I have to go to work, remember?" Danny walked into his room to get ready. I sighed and sat on the couch and watched some tv.

Choatin walked out of the kitchen with a bag of chips in his little hands. He was headed for the tv, but stopped when he saw me sitting on the couch. The chao gave out a growl.

"Don't even think about it, I am not moving." I sat not even looking at the angered chao. This made the chao even more angry. It reached over for the remote control to the tv, but I grabbed it first. Choatin tugged at the remote, while I tugged too. Choatin was stronger than I thought, I think he was....even stronger than me!

"Ack...let go...Cousin!" yelled Chaotin. Huh?! He called me Cousin, I guess he got it from Danny. I tugged onto the remote even harder, letting poor Chaotin bash into me. "Ouch! Cousin hurt!" I pushed the rude chao off of me and took the remote. I stuck my tongue at him.

Later, after watching tv with Chaotin trying to sneak in and take the remote, Danny walked in the living room.

"Ok, I'm going to work...ugh" Danny didn't seem too excited. Danny kissed me on the forehead and walked out of the door saying, "Don't use the phone, don't burn anything, don't leave Chaotin alone, don't leave Chaotin with sharp objects, don't get in trouble" Danny's voice faded away as he walked out of the apartment.

Poor Danny, he's only 16, and he's taking care of me, Chaotin, and including himself. I hope he'll be OK. All I have to do is keep an eye out for bad Where is he anyway?

I looked around for Chaotin, but he wasn't in the room. I ignored his disappearance and continued watching tv.

After an hour or two, Chaotin still didn't show up anywhere, I started getting concerned. I got up and went into Danny's room, Chaotin wasn't there, I went into the kitchen and I found chocolate pudding foot prints all over the white tile floor. Chaotin's been here.... I followed the footprints, they led to an open window.

"Oh, oh well, Chaotin opened the window to get some ai- THE WINDOW!?!?!" I poked my head out of the window to see if Chaotin was anywhere in sight. Way down below on the side walk, I saw chocolate foot prints. "Oh my GOD!! Chaotin ran away!!" He must have flow out the window, that is one bad chao!

Rushing down the stair well, I ran out of the apartment. (She's still wearing Danny's big T-shirt with no pants) I easily found the chocolate foot prints again, following I would soon find Chaotin.

After a long while, the foot prints came to an end, they stopped right in front of a candy store. No duh Chaotin would be here, I entered to shop. Chaotin wasn't hard to find, Chaotin was staring at the candy that was stored in a glass box, he was drooling all over it.

"Chaotin! Come Here!" I yelled. Chaotin ignored me, he probably didn't know what 'come here' means, Danny didn't train him.

I walked over there and picked up Chaotin by his arm.

"No! Candy! Want!" Yelled Chaotin. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the store dragging Chaotin. Chaotin tugged away to get loose from my tight my grip.

"You couldn't got stolen, or killed, or stepped on! Danny wouldn't like it very much if you where gone, I don't know why he didn't train you. You could be a nice chao, but instead you have a stupid attitude! You need to be more careful, if you wanted candy in the first place I couldn't gotten it for you if you wanted." I continued on like this until we got back to Danny's apartment. Chaotin was silent the whole, I hope my words got to him.

I gave Chaotin a bath, since he got into the chocolate pudding, he was all messy. He made chocolate tracks on the carpet. I figured out that Chaotin didn't like water very much, he kept trying to run away.

"No! Bad Water!" I dropped (literally) Chaotin in the water making water splash every where. Chaotin whimpered. I scrubbed Chaotin with a sponge as if it was the hard floor. "Ouch! Bad Sponge!" I ignored his whining, when I was finished with his bath I wrapped his little body in a big white towel. "No! Bad Towel!" I was getting really tired of Chaotin's whining. "Don't you like anything?"I asked him.




I dried off Chaotin, it was getting late, pitch black outside and Danny still didn't show up. Chaotin stayed up watching tv while I went to bed. I was getting worried about Danny, hope he is OK, if any thing happened to him, I would be alone...


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