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About this site:

Very simple and straight forward. This is a site by and for Lotto Players. You will find no Gambling Links. No free Lotteries. No pay games. No software sales. We are not selling anything nor trying to build
a dependence so we can convert to a sales site later.

What you will find here is information. Information on types of software systems (which we find unnessesary). Information on Wheeling systems. Links to all the State game results for the US of A. And winning methods base on grass roots technology (hard copy list of the past winning results and a pen and scratch paper).

Playing to win

( Published for entertainment purposes only)

The Best Lotteries

As most people know, portions of what lotteries take in, money wise, is distributed in a number of different directions. The stands where you find the play slips generally carry this information or you can ask your retailer. The retailer can also provide information on odds of winning and prize structure. Or since you are on the Net look up your States Lottery home page here.

Pick five games have far better odds of winning and as such the prizes are significantly lower. The Lottery is a business like any other and as such takes it's operating cost off the top. In the case of annuity awards, what you win is a Bond. The three million you are going to get over 20 years doesn't entirely exist yet. Next comes the
share that goes into the community, such as this from the California Lottery Page;

"The employees of the California Lottery® are proud of our 14-year commitment to California's public schools, which has resulted in contributions totaling more  than $11 billion since the Lottery began in October 1985." This is a few years old, it's much more by now.

...and then you get paid.
Thus the States with a higher population can pay out higher prizes because they take in more money.  If you are the kind of player that is just looking for some small quick cash weekly, the lower paying games have better odds.
The trick is knowing how to play. You wouldn't go into a high stakes card game without, not only knowing the rules of the game, but also having some experience with the tricks of the game. For instance, for a number of years, the CA fantasy five game (it might still) would alternate between showing four and five of the next winning numbers in the previous three plays when listed as such (Taken from actual results at time of writting).

Mon.  04 05 06 29 38
Tue.   04 05 07 30 32
Thur. 11 15 24 27 32
Fri.     06 11 24 29 32

Every twelve games. One only need count the number of games  as they passed, and wheel the  numbers from the last three games.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
04 05 06 07 11 15 24 27 29 30 32 38

As you can see in the example, there are twelve different numbers to wheel. The following wheel;

01 03 05 07 08
02 04 06 08 09
03 05 07 09 10
04 06 08 10 11
05 07 09 11 12
06 08 10 12 01
07 09 11 01 02


Seven plays $7.00
( 5 + 7= 12, important numbers in ancient times)
forms these plays;

1)  04 06 11 24 27 - 2/5
2)  05 07 15 27 29 - 1/5
3)  06 11 24 29 30 - 5/5
4)  07 15 27 30 32 - 1/5
5)  11 24 29 32 38 - 4/5
6)  04 15 29 30 38 - 1/5
7)  04 05 24 29 32 - 3/5


Of course this is a dream wheel. Most of the time you won't get a 5/5 combo. But in CA at the time a 3/5, which were more common to hit frequently, paid up to $45.00. (same game in CO. pays a flat ten) The jack pot for pick five's is only around $20,000.00 A nice vacation, but not enough to retire on.

Wait a minute, what's this wheel thingy?

It's called a Wheel because it is a circular progression of numbers that starts to repeat itself.  This is a 5 number into 3 picks wheel.

01 02 03
02 03 04
03 04 05
04 05 01
05 01 02
01 02 03

You can see the sequence repeat itself.  Lotto wheels are based on this principal.
Some have quirks built in to resemble the broken symmetry of the lottery.
See Wheels

Play for Entertainment

This means stop playing when it stops being fun. The lottery is the impossible dream to begin with. The way we play is to find a source of numbers that are likely to contain all numbers that match the winning numbers, put them in a wheel and cross our fingers. The great thing about the lottery is you can play without spending any money at all. Practice picking numbers and check your results without playing. Sort of like having a friendly game of cards for practice. Don't devote to much of your life or funds to it unless puzzles happen to be your pastime.

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