HELLO WONDERFUL VIEWERS!!! here are some other cool web sites that you can go see... why are the so wonderful you ask?? well, one easy reason, I had something to do with them!!!
Hello All on this computer! I am Sarah, Queen of Everything that is Something!!! So, just incase that your wondering, that means that I rule everything, except anything that I dont want, like dirty dipers, gross stuff, SPIDERS!!! EWWW I DO NOT RULE SPIDERS, you send me even ONE spider, and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!

Oh Hi Ijeoma, Im just uhhhh, saying hi to everyone here....
No you were threating them again wernt you?

Me? Your accusing ME? wow, are you feeling ok?
Sarah, Go to time out.
NEVER!!! MUHAHAHAHA! *runs in a little circle*
Well, Now then this week... Oh, Hello Everyone! How are you? No, wait, dont answer that, I just did a Sarah huh?
Yes? You called me?
Sarah, Your hopeless..
NO! I HAVE HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE *wispering* that you might *cough* accidentally trip into a giant bottomless pit
Sarah, I heard that.
Was I talking to you? No, I dont see yor name on it, so buzz off.
What does my name have anything to do with this?
Pssh, Talk to the hand! *Dunks hand into green paint*
Ok..... Well, Im going to go now, and try to find some sane people in the world, which  i'm highly doubting exists. . . .
OOoooOOOoooOOOoo colors.
Umm, so yes, end of transmission.
We're on a transmission? BEEM ME UP SCOTTY!
No, please, dont, no wait, Were talking about Sarah, BEEM HER UP! TAKE HER AWAY!!!
Hi Everyone and welcome to:
   This webpage was founded by two BRILLIANT teenage girls, who decided that their arguments and debates were interesting enough to put on the world wide web!......And since they spent SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
much of their precious time creating this place, they would LOVE it if you browsed the website!
- Their butler/narrator/third-person-version of themselves.
Sarah and Ijeoma
Sarah = yellow
Ijeoma (ej) = purple
Any thing inside of * *'s is an action, for example, *runs around the room*
*Sarah tilts head to side looking at sign* shouldnt it say "our guestbook"??
*looking shocked*Why yes Sarah, it should, I think thats the smartes thing you have ever said!!
Last up dated: January 10th 2004