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Here at Two Guys Two Cents Movie Reviews, We like to review movies from a different perspective than those other "Professional Critics" who get paid to watch movies and then tell people what they think about them.

We think that movies should be reviewed from the point of "How much fun is it to watch the movie?"

We have noticed on multiple occasions that when we decide to go or not go see a movie, If the critics say that the movie is AMAZING! or AWESOME! that usually the whole experience is just mediocre. yet, on the other hand, when the "Professionals" say that the movie is terrible, or a
Complete slop of a film, the majority of the time, the movie isn't half bad!?! and sometimes the movie actually becomes one of our favorites!

So we asked ourselves, Why is this? I think personally its because the critics have usually been reviewing films for so long and have seen so many, that they dont actually find any joy in going to watch a movie, and just getting lost in the whole thing. They've seen so many that they have become jaded almost. So now when they watch the movie, all they really are analyzing is the camera work, or the special effects, or the look or mistakes throughout the film. We really dont like that, I dont want to look up a review to "The Bourne Supremacy" and just hear about how "The handheld camera was used way too often in this film, so much so that it almost made me sick" alright, even if it was used too much. I think it was done for a purpose, and when i went and saw the movie, I did realize it was a handheld camera, but also that it was used to create a "Offbalance" feel, or a sense of urgancy, and it worked! I thought the movie was awesome!

So the other day on our way to see another movie at the local theater, Jim spoke up and said, "Hey, how hard is it to make a website?" it was a simple question, but one I knew would lead to more talking because no one just asks a question like that just to find out really how hard it is... So I told him, not real difficult, and he said, "lets make a sight where we can write reviews for movies!" I thought it was a good idea, and now, here we are.

We are here to write reviews that actually help you decide whether or not you want to spend YOUR hard earned money on a movie.  Just follow our "Reviews" link to go to our review blog where we will post all of our reviews. The About Link just has some miselanious info about both of us. and the Link page is where you can visit all of our partners and readers websites.

Have fun and make sure to check back often to see when the next review is out!
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