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Call Dave Sayer Now!
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It was only a postcard-from Publishers Clearing House-but different because it was a card rather than the usual envelope full of documents and stamps and brightly-colored seals and stars and red or green metalicized cardboard keys.

The card, a bit oversized and remarkably plain with its sans-serif computer print, was brief and businesslike: "In just a few days, you’ll be receiving important documents from Publishers Clearing House. Please call Dave Sayer of the
Call Dave Sayer Now!
PCH Prize Patrol now…regarding the $10,000,000.00 Super prize!"

I had finally won something.

I had been entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes throughout 1994-1995 and buying the magazines and trinkets that seemed to assure me a place in the clearing house’s "winner’s circle," so Sayer was a familiar figure. His name appeared frequently in PCH literature, and he was associated in televised promotions with the Publishers Clearing House "prize patrol."