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As The javas and everything else on these pages are copyright, we ask that you do not steal them. Yes, steal them, as they are copyrighted. And as Two Moons is a non-profit organisation, you would really be doing wrong to take anything without permission. If we find that our wishes are not being obeyed (gasp) then we will be forced to do two things (as we are two moons...) 1) disable right-click and keyboards (2) unleash our band of fiendish goons who will tirelessly hunt you down and catch you. Its a shame, but as we're poor, thats what we will be forced to do!

The Boring Text

Thank you to Javascriptkit ( for some of the Javas (as applicable, although a few of them needed minor syntax changes)
And thank you to all those who made their resources available to us, and a big wet raspberry to those who didn't. You know who you are.No part of any script can be taken wihtout the prior written permission of the respective owners included in the java, javascript, applet and any other type of programming language used on this site. You may not copy, be it electronically, photographically, manually, or any other conceivable to mankind, any part of this website, without prior written permission from the repective artist, writer, programmer or the editor himself, if it is his work. Thank You.

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