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Using this Site

We tried to keep it simple. If, however, it proved too complicated, The editor wants to know! Shout at him until he agrees to change the design, or whatever was ailing you in the first place: ,subject "difficulty".

  In the mean time, this is how to use the site:

a after an article, means it was written by the Editor. If it has no that means it was written by a member of THE TEAM, or was taken, with permission, from another site. The source should usually follow.

If you can't find a page, try right clicking. This should summon a small menu, which will transport you through the site, and sometimes, the web.

If you can't see the right-mouse-click menu, try moving to the top of the screen to locate it there.

Information is no more then 3 clicks away! If this proves untrue, yell at the editor, on the e-mail address above.

The Right Click mouse Button

We have taken the liberty of changing your default right click menu, replacing it with our own menu. The menu connects to various pages of this site, but is also an independent menu of its own, and may take you across the internet to different sites.

-We have received reports that the right-click button doesn't work. This is because when the menu appears, it gets 'stuck' at the top of the page.

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Free Website (honest!)

We really are making free websites! Before you ask, no, you don't have to buy anything, give any 'donations' or slip us something under the table.

We will make you a website for free, as long as you will allow us to put our name to it!

As we are a new organisation, and no-one really knows about us, we would love to get a few sites onto our CV, to show people what we can do. These will be added to our LINKS page, so people visiting this site can see your site. This would increase the amount of people coming to your site (traffic), so you only have something to gain.

We will make a web site for you on anything you like, as long as you adhears to our X POINTS OF FAIR PLAY.

If you wish to take us up on our offer, simply send an e-mail explaining what you want done and we will try to contact you as soon as possible. ,subject: Free Web Site


What is Two Moons?

Two Moons Technology is an organisation which makes web sites, and also has an official website of their own, which you are now on. On this web site, the editor and his team like to keep their audience informed of the latest technological news. They also encourage learning, or at least using Java Scripts, Java, or any other programming language.

The site is also used as a link to other web pages which advertise or sell interesting gadgets and devices, cool computers, hardware, software and games.

Two moons is split into a circle of users, which works as a team to bring better things to the site:

The Circle of Authority

The Editor is in the centre of the organisation. He
directly controls a group of people, known as "The Team"
to help maintain and write the Two Moons Web Site.
The Team are also responsible for writing the
Free Web Sites.
The Editor maintains 'control' of everyone in all circles.
Other Questions

-Free Web Site


-What Is Two Moons?

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The Team then 'control' everyone outside of their circle. They only have direct 'control' over the Beta Testers (BT), Data Collector Officials (DCO) and Journalists.

BTs, CDOs and Journalists can 'recruit' other members, who will be responsible to them. These other members may, in turn, recruit other people to be BTs, DCOs and journalists under them, and so it continues, forever.

Lastly, we have the Users. They are obviously not responsible to anyone and they are also the reason why this website was created.


As its name suggests, they write the articles that appear here, on this site.

Beta Testers

The Beta Testers are the people
who trielessly try to find mistakes with the Web Site, be it a spelling
mistake, or a major syntax error
which renders a complicated Java Script useless.

Data Collection Officials

Ok, lets not fool ourselves. A Data Collection Official is simply a person who like to surf the web, and happens upon an interesting gadget, or a promising article.

The DCO would get in touch with the journalist, editor or a member of the team, and give him the link to the interesting gadget.

Above: The Journalist, BT and DCO marks. Like the editors mark, it shows who wrote an article. Every Page checked by the BT will have his mark on it, and every gadget found by the DCO, will have his mark by the side. If you don't like the standard, boring(!!) icons above, you can make and submit your own icon to the editor on Anything including text files, .exe applications, any unknown file type, indeed, ANY file type EXCEPT .gif, will be deleted.
Two Moons is currently a non-profit organisation, and the people who wish to join in any of the affore mentioned jobs, will not be payed, and will be asked to write articles, and sometimes even pages for web sites, during their free time.

As Two Moons is a democratic site (*smile*), everyone will have the oppertunity to become a member of the team at some point, as long as their enthusiasm is up to scratch, and their work justifies the appointment. People may even temporarily become the editor, and have full control over what goes into the web site!

If you would like to join this ever-growing team, click on one of the links below.

I would like to become a Journalist for Two Moons I would like to become a BT for Two Moons I would like to become a DCO for Two Moons
This job includes anything to do with writing: be it about products, or just information on the site.

We need reliable people, people who won't join and then quit, because they can't be bothered. If you think you have a flair at writing, and would like to write articles for us, click on the link above.

BTs can be the easiest, or hardest job, it can be boring, or interesting.

BTs can have loads of expirience in Java Scripts and other progrramming languages, but if you don't that doesn't stop you taking on this job!

it is the BTs job to find mistackes, and constantly test the web site for any erorrs whatsoever.

Just viewing this article now, you should have been aware of some mistakes! If you think you got all of them, send an e-mail, and in the subject, write how many mistakes you found.

This is the easiest job there is: you don't write anything, you don't do anything. You just browse the web whenever you like, and anything interesting you may find, you copy the link directly in to an e-mail, and send it to!

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