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Tube/Valve Amp Schematics and Wiring Diagrams
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Solid State amp info here... some of the solid state amp schematics

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footswitch info for these amps

A small sample of the amps in this range.... 

amp group photo

l-r front row; Champ II, Super Champ; middle row, Yale Reverb, Harvard Reverb II, Princeton Reverb II;
back row, Studio Lead, Stage Lead, Deluxe Reverb II (red = solid state).

As I look after the website which concentrates on the Princeton Reverb II, I occasionally get requests for schematics for other tube/valve amps in the Rivera-era Fender range. For two years I couldn't help. But Mark Carson on the FDP, a splendidly helpful chap, sent me several. Others came from other places. So here you are.

This series of guitar amplifiers was built from 1982 to 1986 and are variously referred to as the II series and the Rivera-Era Fenders. I only own a Princeton Reverb II so please don't ask me questions which involve actual hands-on experience of the other amps in the range. I recommend another single-amp site for the Super Champ. Some modifications for the PRII will work for the other amps in the series - see my modifications page. Safety disclaimers apply! Good luck.

I am trying to track how many of these amps were made. If you have one, please email me with the serial number (format Fxxxxxx). Even better let me also have the transformer codes (format 606-xxx) and the loudspeaker codes, if any? Thanks very much. No dismantling is necessary, though you might need a torch or flashlight - the transformer codes are stamped into the metalwork of the transformers, which hang down from the chassis. The speaker codes are in white ink on the black-painted metal near the rim of the speaker. Your privacy will be respected and no commerical use will be made of the information. If your amp is being dismantled, please look for a 4-digit code written or printed on the chassis metalwork - that's a code the actual week the amp was built and would really help me a lot. In return for (minimum) the serial number I will tell you when your amp was made!

Please note, I have zero experience of these amps except for the Princeton Reverb II. If you have any questions about this range, you can ask me - I may have some second-hand info -  but I guarantee you'll get better answers on some discussion board such as the Fender Forum (= FDP).

Some of these schematics are .pdf files and so require Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download from Adobe and other places. They're about 1 or 2 Mb, and if you ask for more than two in rapid succession you may get Geocities' warning that there's been too much traffic on this site in the past hour and please come back later! If that happens, some are also available from

because Mike at Tonezone has kindly offered to co-host these schematics - his hosting has much better traffic capabbilities (in addition to offering Fender Parts for sale and authorised Fender Tech Service). Thanks Mike.

So - without more ado - here are the schematics....

Valve (Tube) amps
All the data on this web page is believed good (it's worked for my amp) but I can't accept  responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions, or for anything that happens as a result of using these schematics.

Princeton Reverb II schematic, wiring diagram and parts list (pdf file) - please let me have your amp' serial number
I think there is an error somewhere in all this... the schematic and the parts list show a 68K resistor at the input, but the wiring diagram and the interior photo show 39K! I haven't been inside mine to check (and I don't know what audible difference this might make, with these resistors being only a factor of two apart; so let's not worry about it in the meantime).


Deluxe Reverb II schematic and wiring diagram (pdf file) - please let me have your amp's serial number


Concert "II" schematic, wiring diagram and parts list (pdf file) - please let me have your amp's serial number


Champ II schematic, wiring diagram and parts list (pdf file) - please let me have your amp's serial number


Twin Reverb II schematic and parts list (pdf file) - please let me have your amp's serial number


Fender 75 schematic and manual (pdf file) - no serial number needed, I am not collecting these
this wasn't strictly part of the range - appeared in the previous catalogue -  but it was introduced by Paul Rivera and it shares the footswitch design, so here you are anyway.


You can get the Super Champ schematic and wiring diagram on the Super Champ website

but please email me with your amp's serial number!

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New Feb 08
; Magazine Reviews of the Rivera-era amps from 1980s UK magazines. Big thanks to DRII owner Gordon Trunkfield!

Electronics and Music Maker Aug 83; review of Stage Lead and interview with John Hill of Fender UK (pity poor Paul Rivera getting confused with Paul Revere in this one...)
page 1
page 2

International Musician Oct 83; review of Twin Reverb II and Concert "II"
page 1
page 2
page 3

International Musician Feb 83; review of Champ II and Deluxe Reverb II
page 1
page 2
page 3

Once again, big thanks to Gordon.

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