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Some great things are happening as far as developing girls as chess players.  Check this out.


The 1st Annual Susan Polgar Invitational Girls Chess Championships will be held this coming summer. 

Susan Polgar has joined the U.S. Women’s Chess team which gives the U.S. it’s first real chance at winning the Chess Olympiad.

Susan Polgar will soon be starting a training and development program for girls in chess.

Almost every state will soon have a USCF affiliate sponsored girls state championship tournament to select the representative to the Susan Polgar Invitational Tournament.

These are some of the things in the works to help retain and develop girls as chess players.  Read more about these great developments.


On October 11-12, 2003, The 3rd Annual Texas State Girls Chess Championship Tournament will be held in San Antonio. 

Click here to read more about this great event.

Congrats to Buo Zhang last years winner of a full college scholarship to the University of Texas at Dallas at the Texas State Girls Chess Championship. 

Congratulations to Courtney Jamison, Stephanie Ballom and Hailey Winston for participating in the Texas Junior Invitational Tournament this summer. 

For information on chess tournaments, goto the Chess Matrix Website.


“Chess has been proven to help young children enhance many skills for school and for life. Therefore, the goal is to have as many girls as possible play chess.”  Susan Polgar

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