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Webshots! *This is cool, download the
desktop thing and you can  have a  different
backgroung every day

NeoPets   *This is a virtual pet site, but
it is cool.  You have to feed your pets and you
can have your own shop and stuff.

Good Orient *If you like asian culture or
designs you will love this site!  It has
Chinese robes, Chinese zodiac shirts, etc.

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I'm cute, please help keep me around. :(
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We don't want these beautiful creatures to disappear!
*Also, click on the banners below to save rain forest, preserve big cats, and help many other important causes.
emode *Here you can take all sorts of personality tests and compare with you friends.  It is just for entertainment though, don't expect all your life problems to be answered.

Swords-N-Stuff *This is a fun site to look at.  You can buy from it, but I just like to go and look at the medieval weponry and stuff. *This site gives you tools to create your family tree.  You can even post it on your webpage.  It also gives you lots of resources to search for info on your ancestors, but you have to pay for subscriptions to them.
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That is me with the tiger.  And yes it is real!
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