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Personal Data:


Name: Tamisan aka. Pixieblade Dreamwalker

Location: San Mateo, California

Religion: Pagan (Reverend Mother of the Daughters of Gunnora)

Education: AA from St. Petersburg College and BA in Anthropology from the University of South Florida

Activities: Society for Creative Anachronism, Belly Dancing, Singing, Religious Studies, Cooking, and Writing/Reading

Pets: I have one Hamster named Cykle SPG. She's white with red eyes. You can see her page here.

Religious Ordination:

The Church of Spiritual Humanism

Ordained Clergy Person (O.C.P.)

Ordination date: 13 June 2005

The Universal Life Church

Ordained Minister

Ordination date: 09 September 2005

The Universal Ministries

Ordained Minister

Ordination date: 09 September 2005

Religious Beliefs:


The Daughters of Gunnora are a Pagan Coven made up of women who are in their sexual mature years (from their first sexual experience until menopause). The reason for this distinction is that we are predominate worshipers of the full moon. Unlike our younger sisters who worship Dians or our older sisters who worship Raidhan, we are the mothers...the child bearers.

The symbol for our beliefs is the full moon, amber, the sheaths of wheat and vines of grapes. Fertility in its fullest forms in nature. 


As in all covens, styles, names, and practices change by season, numbers of members, and personal interest. While we are a small coven now, with members across the states, we are growing and hope to add more sisters to our fellowship in the future.

I have mentioned the three moon goddesses that we believe in (Dians, Gunnora, and Raidhan), we also have a male deity, one Korunous, the Horn Crowned. He is brother to Dains, Husband to Gunnora, and son to Raidhan. In a ceremony, we may call on any and/or all of these four deities for guidance and/or assistance, it is our belief that only with a balanced force of power can change be brought forth.

Opening and closing scripture: "May the Lady's lamp guide, guard, and protect you on your journeys in this world and the Otherworld. So Mote it Be."

Motto of the Daughters: Speak softly, Love passionately, Never give in to adversity.

Religious Instrumentation:


Many groups have specific doctrine and items that a member must have. The Daughters strive to make things as simplistic as possible, and while 99% of all Pagan/Wiccan doctrines do not believe in having a written scripture, we are in the process of creating one. Their are many Handbooks and such on the market and we encourage all forms of learning, as long as you stick to the Creed: 'Do what ye will if it harms ye none.' Basically we don't care what you do as long as you don't hurt yourself or someone else. 'Black Magick' and the like are not tolerated within the coven, as they lead to the Dark path. Yes, I know, very Star Wars of us, but still the old adage 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely' is seen time and time again. By making this one major rule, we hope to limit the possibility for our sisterhood falling into a Dark place.

Now, about the recommended items to utilize. We have a beginners list and an advanced list. Basically the more involved you get the easier it is to subsidize your learning into various categories. We always want an open heart and mind, and we recommend a good stout basket to carry everything in, though some members use a backpack which works just fine.

Beginners List:

3 Red candles Wand Alter cloth
Red yarn around 25 feet long Meditation focus (stone, crystal, mirror, etc) Alter (portable or permanent)
Matches Bell to call in the God(desses) and four corners Bowl or cauldron

Advanced List: (Same as above plus...)

Elemental ID tags (colored stones or the like symbolizing Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit, and Mind) Item for personal personification (doll, icon, drawing, etc) Herbs for health, wealth, and dream induction
At least 1 candle of corresponding color Broom/Sword/Sickle (and/or) Quill and Parchment for invocation
Ceremonial outfit + cloak Ceremonial Mask Runes, cards, sticks, stones, or other items as want.



Religious Scripture:


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