Fuji's Page

                     Welcome to the 1st page of my tangled web!

                                         Here you will find links to all my other page & some of my favorite pages

                                                       Kick off ya shoes look around & have fun!




                        My Other Pages

                        DeadStories-Fun stories from different people. E mail me your story I'll add it on!

                                                Frank Zappa-Here are some stories & assorted goodies

                                                Harley Davidson-A page I started & will finish someday soon!

                                    4way cam-4 deadheads from the USA

                                    Zappa Avatars-for Vp see link below

                                    Tyedye Avatars

                             Grateful Dead & Harley animated Gifs- not bad for a beginner

                                    PhishTales-Just like the grateful dead story page but phish shows!                   


                                    Grateful Dead Links

                        DeadStories-Come read some old memories over 75 so far!

                                    Dead Links they do work just Grateful Dead related!

                                    MrJams-Scattered Links & Amusements

                                    Kaycee71-A fellow Zappahead!!!

                                    DeadBase-for everyone who didn't marry the rainman of dead shows like i did!

                                                Zen Tricksters-still calling em the volunteers!


                                   Frank Zappa Links

                        My Zappa page-Always changing! 

                                    Zappa Links-Go on & spend a few hours!

                                    Scott Thunes-go see his baby's pictures

                                    Project Object-A GREAT ZAPPA cover band sometimes IKE plays with em!!


                                    V.P. Links  

                                    Download- they call it chat with voice now but still uses gests & avs!


                                    Jenna Links

                        18-Bobby Labonte-Her favorite driver

                                     NickJr-dora the explorer! 


                                    Cartoon Network-Love them Powerpuffgirls!


                                    Links I Like

                        The Hunger Site-Dont forget rainforest & other links from here

                             Finally Balanced- My Friend Billy's band

                                    The Wetlands-NYC


                                         email me @ tyedybkr@optonline.net