Hello, and welcome to the galleries of the Cult of Chuu from your pal, the Gallery Guardian! Here, we have several galleries, each with 50 or more edited pics of our pal, the great Chuu!

But what do we mean by edited? All that means is we took scanned/drawn images of the great Chuu, and edited them to make them clearer, smaller in size, and a better fit for web page use!

What this means is we WILL be the biggest Pikachu only site on the net due to the fact we gather all OTHER pics and edit them AS WELL AS create many of our own!

So, to answer your question, yes, I changed the pics from their original deal and converted them to jpg format for more effective use (except with the gif backgrounds and moving pics) and yes, TECHNICALLY I *could* get in a hissy fit over you people taking these pics and using them for your own gain...But hey! I'm a Pika of Chuu, and our great Chuu teaches to share and share alike, so go ahead! TAKE these pics for your own use on your pages. No problem! All I ask is you link to: http://www.oocities.com/Tokyo/Shrine/4772/index.html

And use this:

To link to us!

Oh yes, one more thing!

~*PLEASE*~ DO *NOT* take our robed figures pics OR fan art for use on other web pages (although if you wanna use them at home I guess that's ok). EVERYTHING ELSE YOU CAN HAVE TO USE BUT *PLEASE* LEAVE THESE BE. THEY ARE FOR VEIWING PLEASURE FOR THOSE LOOKING OVER OUR SITE ONLY.

I *HAD* hoped to make a NO-GRAPHICS site for zip download; but I realized that if someone's computer couldn't handle the graphics, they COULD NOT handle the download, so I figured why bother.

So, without further adou, go to the Gallery Wings!

I'm a Pokémon Trainer!

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