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Rallaxan's Medievia Page
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Alright you primitive screwheads listen up... if you don't know what Medievia is and you are here to learn about it... go somewhere else, if you are an expirienced Medievia player, come right on in and check out my zone walkthrus, they are great (or they will be when i get them done, only half of one atm). Anyway this site is dedicated to Kralac, leader of clan 43, the Malevolent Order of Decadence, the best clan there is.  Make sure to worship Kralac next time you see him, and Rallac, too, and Roke, the greatest hero, and Vryce just because of the wonderful job he did of putting the game together, we worship you Vryce, and Excrucior, without him the game just wouldn't be fun...and Xezadha, well...kill her, shes evil.   Thats pretty much everythiong i have to say right now, wait for updates.
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