Welcome to a web site for people seeking volunteer opportunities.

Cybervolunteer Central--a site created in 2004 to provide people with opportunities to volunteer as survey respondents

Tyman1088 MyPage--still a little goofy, but a fun place to visit once in a while

Volunteer as a Survey Respondent--if you're anxious to volunteer right now and you're 18 years of age or older, check this out

About the definition of the word volunteer:

Main Entry: volunteer Function: noun Etymology: obsolete French voluntaire (now volontaire), from voluntaire, adjective, voluntary, from Latin voluntarius Date: circa 1618
1 : a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service: as a : one who enters into military service voluntarily b (1) : one who renders a service or takes part in a transaction while having no legal concern or interest (2) : one who receives a conveyance or transfer of property without giving valuable consideration
2 : a volunteer plant>br> 3 capitalized [Volunteers of America] : a member of a quasi-military religious and philanthropic organization founded in 1896 by Commander and Mrs. Ballington Booth

Thanks to http://www.m-w.com/ for the definition above. 1