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Typhon's Saga

Unborn Section   7.27.02
I've added a section for Unborns to read. It includes rules to be followed. I'll be adding more stuff there as it comes along.

Latest Updates   7.25.02
With publish 16 out, I've decided to change my character template. See char profile. I've also recently been sent on my quest to become full undead. It was photographed and written by Malaki Graves. Check out the link above.

Page additions   7.13.02
I've added music streams to the main page and the one story page. In the future I'll be putting up music streams to the stories to fit the mood. I also borrowed a couple imaged from the Undead web site, the skull background and animated skull.

[ Rain - Keltech ] courtesy of mp3.com

background and animated skull graphics borrowed from the Undead web site