Tyr's Chosen
Guild created by Tanis half-elven, the Avatar
Tyr's calling is to make the world safe for all good people.  We shall protect the good free lands from the maurading, blood thirsty killers that roam freely about.  We shall push evil back into the lands from where they came.  (Roleplaying purpose and a chance to whack some evil.  We shall play properly.)

This guild is mainly to give people a place with options.  You can get involved as much as you want with the hunts, war parites, running the guild, skills or anything else we work on.  But everyone is not required to do everything, since some people some times want to relax.  The minimun requirements are very easy to accomplish without much work.  We wish all members to enjoy their time in Tyr and help each other as much as they can, but we do not force people.
       - On Primordia Server
       - Minimum overall level of 15 for new recruits (This can no longer be waved.)
       - No evil or criminal status (If you wish to join you still may do so but the rules of
         engagement apply here.  You will have 1 week from acceptance to attain at least
         Neutral alignment with no criminal or evil activities.)
       - Must have desire to do good and help people
       - Roleplaying is going to be a big thing in Tyr now so that is smiled upon
       - Read the rules about joining.
       - You will be expected to abide by the rules so please do read them.
       - You can also pm me at the stratics page at tanish1 or aim at Tanish11@msn.com
       - When emailing me please include Tyr or Dransik in the subject.
       - Please read the rules about joining.  We have some new guidelines to be able to join.

(11/29/03) *The Guild is accepting recruits* (Please
email me or find me in game). Tanish1@aol.com.

Also to all members please turn in reports on quotas to Tanis at his email listed above.

Please Check agian later for when Recruiting has been reopend.

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