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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Only Love


To celebrate the 6th Anniversary of "ONLY LOVE" in 2003, creator Lee Neville wrote a new sequel. Check out an early draft here


To view them click on Cast & Characters or here.

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STARRING: Jerome Witter, Jackie Adesanya, Natalie Reid, Lee Neville. WITH: Gavin Mensah. Donah Hay. AND: Kofi Asante as Jonathan Strong. CREATED BY: Lee Neville. For further details on "ONLY LOVE" please e-mail emotionboy@hotmail.com

Welcome to the Official website of "ONLY LOVE"

It happened after we were introduced to

It happened around the same time that-

Buffy and Angel made love in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

It happened before Joey discovered her feelings for Dawson in "Dawson's Creek"

And before Ally began searching her soul in "Ally McBeal"

It has themes and connections similar to the fortunate accident in "Serendipity"

The couple who fought to be together in "Crazy/Beautiful"

and the couple who learnt that sex changes everything in "Boys And Girls"

It has a girl who dreamed the guy would dream of her just like in "Get Over It"

It has rival girls like "Bring It On" does & it features more than one girl who thinks


"ONLY LOVE" is a short film created By Lee Neville and was produced at Hammersmith & West London College in 1997 under the name Innocent Pictures. "ONLY LOVE" told the story of the love between two teenagers named Tyrone and Jade. For further details on "ONLY LOVE" please click here.

The creator Lee Neville has since moved onto other things and created a set of plays entitled "TEA & BISCUITS. To find out about these please click here.

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