Volume 1 - Issue 2 [October 2003]

Ka'sra Times

"You may judge and scorn the Goreans if you wish. Know as well, however, that they judge and scorn you. They fulfill themselves as you do not. Hate them for their pride and power. They will pity you for your shame and weakness." Beasts of Gor, p.11

Ka'sra Times

Welcome to the second issue of Ka'sra Times. W/we at Ka'sra Times would like to thank E/everyone that helped to make the first issue a success. Hopefully the second issue Y/you will find just as enjoyable as the first. Read about the progress of the Palace and those that call Tyros T/their home. Enjoy!

Ka'sra Times will be updated on the 15th of each month. If Y/you have any suggestions or comments about the scroll. Or if Y/you would like to have a column of Y/your own, please tell U/us about it. KasraTimes@hotmail.com, remember this is O/our scroll, be a part of this! Deadlines for any and all contributions for the next issue is November 10th. Thank Y/you!

Publisher: Ubar Dillinger Enocenti
Editor: tendereyes{DE-1}~R~
Asst. Editor: melina{WPT}~R~

Side note: Linked to O/our scroll is O/our message board. Y/you must register with the board before gaining access to the boards. The boards are for Tyros M/members only. A/all others that register will be deleted.

Ka'sra Times is a newspaper for the Palace of Tyros, a Gorean roleplay room based upon the books of John Norman. You must be 18 years or older to enter our chatroom or view these pages.

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