British stamps were used in letters sent from Sharjah when the Dubai post office was transferred to the British Postal Agency administration on April 1st, 1948.


1952 Airmail cover from Desert Locust Survey in Sharjah to Desert Locust Control in Nairobi via Dubai post office franked with 6x2 annas KGVI all teid by “DUBAI” double circle cancel, dated “May 12th, 1952”.


On January 7th, 1961, a set of eleven postage stamps and one aerogramme were, commissioned by the British Post Office for general use throughout the seven emirates. The Trucial States stamps were only ever used in Dubai, the only emirate that had a post office. Trucial States stamps were known used on mails that coming from Sharjah and sent through Dubai post office. An example of this is a 1961 registered airmail cover to Aden sent from Sharjah via Dubai post office franked on reverse with Trucial States 20npx4 stamps all tied by the small circle cancel inscribed “DUBAI”, and dated “12 November 1961



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