RAF mails during the Second World War depended either on the army or civil postal services according on the area it was operating. When the RAF Base Station opened in Sharjah, there was no postal service, so mails from RAF in Sharjah were sent via Dubai post office until the end of 1940s when a RAF mails in Sharjah was administered from Iraq, and letters were tied by “FPO-171” in Habbaniyah or by “FPO-756” in Shaibah.


In November 1949, FPO-518 had been established in Bahrain. RAF Sharjah administration was moved from Iraq and came under the control of RAF Bahrain. The Bahrain RAF cancel FPO-518 were known used in Sharjah RAF mail that come via Pembroke aircraft.


The new FPO-551 cancel was introduced in Bahrain during the period 1954-56. Trucial Oman Scouts Head Quarter in Sharjah mail, during the period 1954-56, were usually franked with unoverprinted British stamps and tied by FPO-551 cancel in Bahrain.


During 1960s, Sharjah RAF Station start using unoverprinted British stamps. RAF cancels, FPO-1056 and 1057 have been recorded used in Sharjah RAF station with British unoverprinted stamps. The double circle cancel FPO-1057 was known used during the period 1966 to 1972. The early example inscribed “A” above the date; the later types inscribed a star above the date line.



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