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Prem and Seetal
Raajs' detials
Aneil's details
Nisha's details
Pryia's details
Seetals details
Prems details

Gopal and Satia
Gopals details
Satias details
Surinders details
Kameljeets details
Parmjeets details
Saritas details
Rakeshs' details

Harbans and Parkash
Harbans' details
Parkashs' details
Sonias details
Seemas details

Madan and Santosh
Madans details
Santoshs' details
Rohits details
Kamals details

Charanjit and Meena
Charanjits details
Meenas details
Aroons details
Jeebans details
sneals details

Megh and Kalwant
Meghs details
Kalwants details
Tarinders details (Kadi)
Bolis details
Pinkis details

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