This is a page that deals not only with the ethics of monkey killings, but also the serious nature of what the french government is doing to stop the spread of mutated stilton cheese mold.  Aid the good cause and fight the good fight by donating 10 to the next dying monkey you see, and dont say you havent seen any because I know that is a lie, they're everywhere!
UKsaiyan Presents
Monkey sanctuary 2000
This is a tragic story of betrayal and  man on beast hatred!
Sylvester here has been subjected to the worst crime imaginable, the death of his family.  Poachers took them and as you can see from his expression when he found the bodys mutiilated and soiled upon, he was not a happy chappy.
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Roger, will the pain for him ever end?
This is roger, a red coated gorilla and standing firm at 25 years young, that is very old for a gorrilla and he has infact already surpassed his life expectancy by 5 years.  In his old age he should demand respect but does he goet it, NO!  A band of viscious, disgustin meer cats have moved in his teritory and take pleasure in riddiculing him.
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Chese, or your worst nightmare!
Looks harmless enough doesn't it, just some simple cheese, couldn't hurt anybody.  WELL YOUR WRONG!  This brand of cheese has killed more people in the past few months than Hitler did in the entire war.  How might you ask.  It's all thanks to a criminal mastermind by the name of Don Corneleos.  He used the Genetically Modified brain cells in his laboratory and inserted them into the stilton cheese, knowing that this would make the very thing sentient.  It then assimilated more and more cheese untill the whole north of France was contaminated with this deadly cheese.  US, Canadian and UK forces invaded France earlier this week in an attempt to stop the carnage.  Will this mission be a success?, only time will tell.
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