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Stargate Glyphs & Addresses


There are 39 glyphs on a Stargate, each representing a star constellation, and seven such glyphs are used to form coordinates for the destination Stargate address. The first six coordinates are used to identify the destination in three-dimensional space, and the seventh is the point of origin, unique to each Stargate. The SGC's Stargate on Earth has glyph number 1 as the point of origin.

These are the 39 glyphs found on Earth's Stargate in the SGC :

Stargate Addresses

The following are the addresses for Stargates, and the significance of each to the Goa'uld is given. No point of origin is given, if the SGC were to dial out to each Stargate they would use glyph 1 as the seventh symbol.



Abydos was the destination of the first mission by the SGC, lead by Colonel Jack O'Neill, it was to identify and eliminate any possible threat to Earth. Ra, the Goa'uld System Lord, was killed by the tactical nuclear bomb they had brought with them.

Abydos was a human world enslaved to mine the element naquadah, with a known population of five thousand. The Abydonians no longer serve the Goa'uld.


Apophis' Homeworld

Apophis' homeworld was the destination he escaped to with Amaunet, during SG-1's first mission to Chulak.



Humans, 'The Chosen', were placed on Argos by the Goa'uld Pelops. Their life-spans were shortened to a hundred days by nanocytes.



Chulak is the Jaffa homeworld. Many of the human inhabitants serve the Goa'ulds Apophis and Klorel. There are many Jaffa soldiers and priests who have access to shrines containing larval Goa'ulds for implantation in the Prim'ta.

On SG-1's first mission to Chulak, they were captured by Apophis and escaped only due to the assistance of Teal'c and other SG soldiers. Chulak was later destroyed by Apophis in the search for his Harsesis child.

In the alternate reality experienced by Daniel Jackson, General O'Neill sent a nuclear bomb through the Stargate to Chulak whilst the SGC was under attack by the Goa'uld.



Cimmeria is an Asgard-protected planet, designated as safe for the development of sentient life. All Jaffas know the Stargate address to ensure no Goa'uld goes there, as they would face death by Thor's Hammer.



The SGC Stargate was unearthed at Giza in 1928. The 'beta' Stargate, found in Antarctica by the SGC, has an identical six-coordinate address but the point of origin is obviously different.

The 'beta' Stargate was used for various nefarious activities outside of the military whilst in storage, but is now used in the SGC after the destruction of the 'alpha' Stargate aboard the Beliskner, Thor's replicator-infested vessel.



Humans were placed on Edora thousands of years ago by the Goa'uld as the ground is rich in naquadah for extraction. The planet passes through an asteroid belt every 250 years, and there many meteorite collisions, some catastrophic, during each encounter.