Hello and welcome to my Swatch site. I've been collecting Swatch watch's since 1992 and I've met lots of new friends by going to Swatch events. There are pictures of some of the events and other collectors on this page. There is also some pictures of my collection. I've put links to some other great Swatch sites and places you might like to visit.   --Peter Rollings ;-)
to my
Click to see the 2006 Edinburgh event special
This is my Swatch that was
designed; just for me by
a Swatch Friend.
There's only one like this!
Pictures of my
Dare to Wear
I was one of the lucky four UK Swatch club members to be selected to take part in the "Dare to Wear" event, there is a good report on this event on both

Rob Gough
and Paul Coombs site
Join me at the London signing event and Dare to Wear sales campaign
This is the

the first Beat Access Swatch that all people
attending  the Swatch event in Laax Switzerland received,
mine is number 795 of 1000
For all of you that was unable to attend the Swatch event in Laax Switzerland click here to join me at the Swatch Boarder-X event Laax'99.
Some pictures from the Laax 2000 event, why not look see what you have missed?
My Yahoo photo album
If you like these pictures please let me know,
I will then try to add more
Have included some pictures from the Biker X 2000
event in Plymouth UK
Kimberly Ramsey
if you like this watercolor click on it to see lot's more
My Swatch Trade List
email me at :-peter.v@rollings43.fsnet.co.uk