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So then, welcome to a completely unofficial guide to Tamworth - the one in the UK, not the Aussie one that seems to dominate search engines. I hope you enjoy your visit, find what you're looking for and have nothing too disparaging to say about it. Feel free to wonder around, clicking indiscriminately and if you feel the urge, stick an entry on the message board. If you've got somebody's frameset surrounding this page and you find it annoying, please just hit the home page button to your left, this will reload this site outside of frames.



I created this site because, frankly, every other site I found about Tamworth - and there wasn't a lot let me tell you - were either spiteful (www.knowhere.co.uk), dry (www.tamworth.gov.uk) or too insular (www.3wheelers.com/elvis/body_tamworth.html).

It truly is not my intention to cause offence here, merely to provide good information impartially without officialdom, bitter critics or enthusiasts getting in the way.., and hopefully have a little fun too. This is simply my own observations since moving to Tamworth, information I have gathered and general tosh, with both good and bad points, hopefully, illustrated fairly.

If you feel you've been left out or want to have a link from this site, please contact me: Email

If you feel I've been overly critical or overly effusive, please post an entry on the message board. I won't promise to change anything, but I will promise to take note.

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