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Updated: January 2, 2005.
HAPPY 2005!
Happy New Year!
Lisa Roxia Presents:

'Ultimate Asia Vieira'

  Asia Molly Vieira

Happy 2005 I'm sorry I haven't been around in five months but the only news I heard about Asia was that she was going to be in a new movie. It was not confirmed by her so I really don't know anything.
I plan to get this site active again soon and I'll post a new e-mail address for me so you can write. I hope all is well with Asia Vieira friends and check this site out in a month, say in February 2005 when I'll make a full scale update/upgrade. Thanks for visiting.


This website "Ultimate Asia Vieira" has the Most Asia Vieira Pictures allowed by law. Back to Back Asia Vieira Pics and Info. Non-Stop and always FRESH!!! Over 350 Vidcaps Of Asia.
You Can't beat the Original "Ultimate Asia Vieira".... Asia Approved and Asia Strong!

An unofficial page by
Lisa Roxia-Devechio about Asia Vieira!

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This site is for Asia Vieira. If you are looking for a site that takes you to interesting places in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia that features nature, cultural programmes, history and adventure for people that don't usually like traditional tours, then you want If you came here looking for that site please press THIS LINK! . We do hope you stop by some time here to learn about the great actress Asia Vieira. Sorry for the confusion. :)
Ultimate Asia Vieira

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