My Boss's Boobjob Beggathon!!!
This is a site with one purpose: to boost the self-image of my boss at work, who is pretty sensitive about her chest(NO I AM NOT PLAYING FAVORS!!!)  I do this as a kindness to the person who has helped me so much and this is the merest gift that I can do to pay her back.
      This is pretty much a intro into this site with the site still be heavily under construction.  The eye candy on the site will get better and better as I get pics and cool links to post and as I get more familiar with this pagebuilder that yahoo uses.

   That's about all for now until I can get some pics.  I will try to go ahead and put up some neat links so that this page won't be hole in cyberspace and a waste of your bandwidth.  For now, enjoy what's up with the knowledge that it can only get better with time, just like a fine wine.
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