There are several ultralight models in Brazil from different manufacturers. Some are of completly domestic design and some are just built from imported kits (like from Rans or Zenair). The planes are delivered always completelly built.

Here I list the manufacturers with phone and addresses, the options actually offered by them and technical description of some planes:

Microleve ML-400-T, ML-450-T, Corsário-Mk-III
VectorFOX V5 Tandem ou Lado-a-Lado
Flyer GT, Hidroflyer, Coyote, S-12 Airaile, S-9 Chaos
Asa Ind. Aer. LtdaAstro GT
Aerodesign Pégasus
AerobravoZenith Stol
Edra HelicentroPetrel, Paturi
RupertVimana R12

To look at the technical specifications click the builder's name. A points to company's home page.


The most common engine for utlralights here is the Bombardier Rotax too, with its different flavors. The 503, 582, 618 and also the four-stroke option of the 912.

Another option is the Volkswagen 1800 used in Astro and Fênix, this one has the advantage of reliability and easy maintenance (you can find specialists in every corner of the country), but on the other hand the disadvantage of it is its weight.

Here some specification data for the Rotax engines.

data\model503 Single Carb503 Dual Carb582618912
Power46 hp/6500 rpm50 hp/6600 rpm64,4 hp/6500 rpm73,8 hp/6500 rpm80 hp/5800 rpm
Displacement496,7 c.c.496,7 c.c580,7 c.c617 c.c.1211 c.c.
Compression Ratio10,810,811,511,59,5
Temperature (CHT)355-430 F355-430 F230-270 F230-270 F230-270 F
LubricationSuper 2Stroke oilSuper 2Stroke oilSuper 2Stroke oilSuper 2Stroke oilAutomotive oil
Coolingair by fanair by fanliquidliquidliquid
Weight (*)67 lb67 lb60,4 lb68,3 lb127,9 lb

  • (*) Weight without carburators, intake silencer,exhaust system, fuel pump and reduction gear box.