I am a free thinking Canadian, not an American, my views are not shared by ANYONE, and if you feel you have the urge to tell me I’m wrong… I will listen, it may take me a while to care, but I will listen… I have a few core beliefs that nobody will ever be able to change, one is religion… Religion hates me and I hate religion, it’s a nice concept… we pretty much ignore each other except from the odd rant by ministers about how horrible being gay/goth/pagan/wiccan/vampiric is, and me bitching about it and threatening to burn down the Whitehouse again because Mr. Bush is pissing me off again.
I also do not like thieves and gay bashers… steal from me and I will either kick your ass on the spot, or forever after be freakishly prepared in case I see you again, if I see you again, you better have a gun and hope like hell I forgot to wear Kevlar.
Other then that I’m just your normal dark, anti-social little boy who likes to make/play with explosives and pyrotechnics…
I make the occasional smokescreen for people who are afraid of getting attacked downtown, though I’ve been thinking of adding some fine black powder to one of mine some day and get rid of the thieves downtown for good… quick light and toss, and your left with an instant giant black cloud to cover the bloody stumps… but I’m not bitter, and I also know nothing about chemistry.
Technically it is illegal to make your own explosives… but I am simply adding an explosive to my already made smoke screen, turning it into a high powered explosive, with the power to vaporize human flesh. :)
but enough of this… ye hath been warned!!!