Uncle Mike's Madhouse!!

Uncle Mike's

M a d h o u s e

HEY KIDS!!Welcome to my cyber~home! Kick off your cyber~shoes, put up your cyber~feet, have a refreshing cyber~beverage, and surf away to your little cyber~heart's delight.

It's Cyber-rific! Click below for more stuff...


?wHo aM i?

?WhERe dO i Go?

?wHAt HaVe i dONe?

?dO i hAvE pHotOs?

!bLOg mE, bABy!

E-mail me and give me even more crap to respond to!! This web page was constructed in a blinding fury of blood, sweat, and tears, and is best viewed after three shots of Cuervo or six hours of South Park, whichever comes first (and I usually do).