I'm actually quite dissapointed in my number of pictures from camp.  Usually I'm the annoying one w/the camera strapped to my hand.  But at least I got a few.  Here they are ...
The Ericas and Tiffany.  Already the Erica's are migrating toward each other to become one.
Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed:
Michelle, Ashley, and Mandi
On of our UDA instructors: Sarah.
She was so cool, and she reminded me a lot of Summer.
We all tried on the camp clothes to see what size we wanted and stuff.
<-- Here where Erica's making a face, it's actually where she's having quite a bit of trouble getting the shirt on.
There, Michelle is --> trying to help her pull it down, but it really just looks like she's slapping her ass.
What's not pictured is how some of us went to the Red Pepper for lunch and were interviewed for the 30th Anniversary commercial.  Very embarassing in our sweaty, gross, and tired state.  But we were very enthusiastic ...
Also we talked about it for two days, and we finally went to the Panda Buffet for supper.  Wow was that delicious and filling.  We even got the instructors to come.
Cookout at my house -->