More Food
We had a cheer and dance cookout/barbeque in my back yard Wed night: the end of Dance camp and the start of Cheer.  Good way to introduce everyone to everyone.  Plus the cheer instructors had some funny games to share.
This is pretty much everyone that was left when I finally got downstairs.  I made them all pose for one more.
Sarah and Marit were really really cool.  If there was anything we didn't like, or something we wanted to do, they were totally there for us.  What a great camp!!!
I didn't take any pictures of the cheerleaders for some weird reason, but ce la vie.  After this Amber set up her video camera and recorded their chants and stuff, then let us record our dances.  We were all sore and tired and really freaking hot.  Kind of depressing thinking how hot it was then, when it's frigid now.  But we managed to get the basics of the dances on tape (we hope).  It was a good night, good camp.