There's a few of us out there with the same swimsuit.  It's embarassing, but hey, what can you do?  There's only like 2 places to shop in Grand Forks!
Michelle is so photogenic.  I love taking pictures of her.  Oh, yeah, and she gives me nasty poses like those pictured here.  She's not nasty in any way whatsoever, they just look so "bad" when they're of her.  That's why we used the one of her walking away from me, spraying the car as the advertising picture for the flyer that went on the tables at Wilke the first week of school.  What can I say, besides Michelle is hot.
Laura looks so naked.  LOVE this picture.  Plus she has the perfect "model" look on her face full-on with the professionally wind blown hair.
Oh yes, there's more.  Butterflies & Mullets await thee --->