I have a thing for motorcycles.  I planned on getting my license this summer, but then I failed the permit test, so that kind of put a kink in my plans.  I still drool over them though.
Do you think these should get sent to Harley Davidson .com?
Clockwise:  Amanda & Mandi, Jenna & Megan, Ashliegh Hogan, A bunch of us, and Naked Laura Jeffrey - isn't that a great picture of her?  she totally looks NECKED.  I should've used that as an advertising campaign.
It was so super-hella windy that day, it blew.  I didn't have a sunburn, I had a windburn.  But I think we made the most money on that one.  Oh, and I met Raul.  He's hot.  But we would stand out on the median on 32nd and try to hold up the signs, but the wind would almost knock us over, and the signs were trashed by the end of the day.  There's no way any cars could possibly read them either.  Oh well, it all worked out for the best right?
There's plenty more where these came from --->