I think this was one of the biggest turn outs for the dance team ever.  We had a bunch of fun, and this is one of the first tryout dances that I haven't remembered at least a little from. (ok, so it was hard)
Beautiful splits from Britany, we fell in love w/her from the start.
Then we heard this summer that she wasn't coming back to GF, then we heard she was, and just sat w/crossed fingers, hoping she was going to come to UND.
The Red River Girls
Alumni Ashley Waller and Amanda Carlson.  Isn't it funny that I have to put their last names because we have two of both? And watch, I probably spelled it wrong.
Lasha.  She's gonna kill me.
Mandi and I, the returning captains, and the old Farts. (in my case literally)
Tiffany and Kelsey
Lasha, Erica Veil, and Mandi Lund.  Aren't they cute?
Ok, something happened to my camera, I was shaking or whatnot, and therefore Tiffany looks like she has premature hair loss.  I'm sorry honey, but if I was going to put the picture of Lasha up, this one was going up too.
OOOh, and on to Carwashes since that's all I did this summer! --->