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A dedicated NASCAR 4 game server hosted by DB Racing.

It seems that we have assembled a great group of drivers that like to play this game. We race short races on Wednesdays and longer races periodically on Sunday evenings.

Our game server can only handle a small number of drivers at one time. We are looking into other options and adjustments that can maximize our bandwidth.

Go ahead and drive on our server to see what tracks we currently have our server set to run. We intend to keep at least one of the super speedways in the cycle at all times. The rotation is by popular demand. Feel free to contact us if you want the server set to run a particular track. If we get enough agreement within our group, we will plug it into the rotation.

We also have set up a feature on this web site where people that enjoy playing on our server can share custom paint jobs, so we can all see each other as we really are. Simply e-mail us your custom paint file and driver name, and we will post the file in the Custom Paint Jobs section of this web site.

We periodically schedule major race events. We now have a link for people interested in or participated in these events to read the race summaries and final standings in the Race Summaries section of this web site.