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Use of Photos

If you are going to use my photots for use upon a non-commercial website, all I request is a link back to my site. The appropriate link is below:

Title: Undercover Pups
Description: Carriers for dogs 25 lbs or less, very fashionable for afforable prices. Customized to each pair, dog and human, don't miss out on this hit of the season.

However, if you are going to use the photos on a commercial site or in the promotion of an item for sale, please email me to register the url and get permission. I reserve the right to deny usage to any website or sales promoter that I feel offensive. I do not require payment of any sort for the use of my photos. This does not mean that you may steal the ideas of the photos or claim the photos and merchandise pictured as your own.

Use of Ideas

If you are planning on using my ideas for profit, email me for permission. Depending upon the scale of your planned sales, I may or may not request a dividend of the sales. I reserve the right to deny the sales of my ideas. As well as if I find out that my ideas have been plundered for personal profit and no credit or permission was given, then I reserve the right to use legal action. Any of the work featured on here was created by me, the pattern thought up by me and put into action, by me. This means that under no circumstance should you take credit for the work produced and pictured at this site.

Use of Images

There are images here from other sites and I have done my best to list my references. If there is something up here that I have not given credit for and you know the source, please email There are a few handcrafted images done by my daughter, these are her property and are not to be used for any commercial site or business. If you would like her permission to use one of the images, email her at

End Note

With that said and done, if you have any further questions or would like permission to use an image or idea, please email or Thank you.