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last updated: 04/30/2004

April 30, 2004
What's up ya'll? The wait is now over. After 1 year of no activity, the same staff who created Sickhead Promotions and then some (Well, not everyone is back working) has created another music zine. Check the new site by clicking here.

December 22, 2003
Due to the number of bands and people who still visit the site, I have decided not to close Sickhead Promotions. The may have not been active for the past 6 months but believe me, we are working hard to re-open the site for all you music fans out there. We just need some more time to plan things more clearly. As for now, if any band still wants any sort of promotion, you can e-mail the webmaster at Our previous e-mail address has been removed due to the fact that it has been receiving hundreds of spam and promotion every week. Thats it for now! Merry Christmas to everyone...

7/7/2003: Check out for the latest music news

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