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About Modasa

Modasa, town of 80,000; is located in the north east corner of Gujarat.  Ahmedabad a major commercial center in Gujarat is about 100 km southwest and Udaipur a city of palaces in Rajasthan is about 160 km northeast.   Shamalaji a well know pilgim place on the bank of river Meshwo is only 20km away.

Modasa is leading cultural and trading center in the area.  Colleges for higher education in Arts, Science and engineering, well developed infrastructure, hospitals and key location on Ahmedabad Delhi highway has helped in growth of Modasa. 

Current Modasa is mixture of old and new.  The old Modasa comprises of narrows sheris and wadas reminding contribution of many communities in the development of town through centuries.  The new Modasa can be seen in modern societies and other developments on the outskirts.

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