Unicron 2's Sci-Fi Jumpgate

Unicron 2's Sci-Fi Jumpgate

Technical info on the ships from Babylon 5 as well as links to other scifi realms

Welcome! I am Unicron 2, your guide on this journey. This page features technical information on the ships from the Babylon 5 Universe, with actual stats and general information about each ship. This page also features links to several other scifi realms including the Transformers, the Forces of Light RPG currently online at the Sci-Fi Channel's Dominion, among others. It also features cheat codes for the PC and PlayStation versions of Descent I and II. In the future, I plan to add a few homebuilt Descent 2 levels based on the Forces of Light RPG. and a few surprises along the way.

The stats for the B5 ships come from a myriad of sources ranging from books and magazines, to material available on the Internet, as well as careful observation of pictures and episodes from the show, including dialogue. For the sake of simplicity and internal consistency, I consider the show's episodes the definitive source for this material.

Of course, this site would not even exist without help from a few people. You will find their names on the Forces of Light section within this site. Also, be sure to check the News section and see what changes are made as time goes on.

Future goodies will also include links and info on WARHAMMER 40K, the tactical role-playing game as I field my own Blood Angels Successor Chapter and let it loose against all manner of opponents. I even plan to include my 40K army in the ongoing online campaign known as The Eye of Terror. Other gaming tidbits include the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons storyline I'm involved with as a member of the Knights of Skull Mound.

On another note: this site can also be accessed via www.oocities.org/unicron2.geo as well as the primary one at www.oocities.org/Area51/Dungeon/6885. Be sure to update your browsers and keep both the old and new addresses handy.

Well, 'nuff said. On with the show!


Babylon 5 Station.

Star Fury MK I.

Thunderbolt. (Star Fury MK II)

Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser.

Omega.class Destroyer.

Atmospheric Shuttle.

Standard Shuttle.

Green Ship.


Minbari Cruiser.

Minbari Flyer.

Minbari Fighter.


Frigate-class White Star.

Destroyer-class White Star.

Shuttle-class White Star.


Narn Heavy Cruiser.

Narn Dreadnaught.

Narn Fighter.

Narn Transport.


Centauri Battlecruiser.

Centauri War Cruiser.

Centauri Fighter.

Centauri Atmospheric Shuttle.

Centauri Liner.

Centauri Shuttle.

Centauri Transport.


Vorlon Cruiser.

Vorlon Planet Killer.

Vorlon Fighter.

Vorlon Transport.


Shadow Vessel.

Shadow Scout.

Shadow Fighter.


Brakiri Cruiser.

Drazi Sunhawk.

Pac-ma-ra Cruiser.

Raider Fighter.

Vree Saucer.


Dark Forces Cheat Codes.

Descent Cheat Codes

Doom Cheat Codes.

Other Forces of Light Sites

Unicron 2 Sketches and other info

Transformers Info & Links.

PSX Beast Wars review.

ISN Website News.

Miscellaneous Links.

NOTE: This page is still under construction. All information will be posted as available.

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