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[Unification Church: ''The answer lies in the quiet revolution in the human heart--from selfishness to unselfishness.'']

Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church

This site presents the best of both sides of the story of Unificationism (Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church and related organizations), both support and critique. It presents selected supportive material in a manner that shows the Unification "movement" in the best possible light, rather than an ocean of information with an apparent disregard for the initial perspective of an outsider. Criticism is likewise of high quality: factual, showing some level of sensitivity to the culture of Unificationism, lacking in the kind of hyperbole and disdainful coloration that is common in popular media reports.

In addition to the full texts of high quality materials on the beliefs of the church, a specialty of this site is the inclusion of reflections on the church and explanations of experiences by members and former members that run the spectrum from mildly reformist to strongly critical, but even the latter are not venomous attacks; instead they are a relaying of facts and sincere opinions that members would be wise to consider rather than hide from. For example, one Unificationist writes a letter to Sun Myung Moon describing the surprise beatings received from Hyun Jin Moon, Rev. Moon's son and heir apparent. Another Unification Church member and journalist writes a review of the revealing book by Nansook Hong, ex-wife of Rev. Moon's oldest son Hyo Jin Moon.

[symbol] The Healing of the World - an Introduction to the Life and Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

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