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Officially online since April 1st 2005
I am in no way associated with New Line Cinema or other LotR related organisations. No copyright infringement intended. This is a site made for fans by a fan.

Welcome to Unik Arwen Undomiel Awards! This is a site meant to design special awards to really special LotR dedicated sites. There are 20 categories - plus the special Unik Arwen Award - to nominate for, and the second round is now up! It will end when we will have 2 nominees. So feel free to look around and nominate your site after reading the rules. Please visit our home site, too - Unik Arwen Undomiel.

- Hi there everyone! It has been a long time since I haven't updated, so, before I tell you the news, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year, full of happiness and awards! I have added 2 nominees today and I think I will start the judging soon! The awards are yet to be made, so please have a little patiente. I would appreciate new affies, too, by the way! So, if you want to be an affie, go on and apply your request! Hoping to see you all soon! Hugs,Unik!

- 3 new nominees today, I updated, finally!!

- Found Kyly's nomination today! So one new nominee and one new affie!!

- No nominees lately...still waiting!

- Summer is now over, and nominations are starting to come. There is still time to nominate, so go on! Don't miss your chance!

- Two new nominees, the wonderful Ethereal Eldar and Falling for Somebody!

- I added a tag board and improved the layout today. It's been a lot of work, but I like it better now! And btw... go nominate!

- We have a new nominee! Round 2 will end when I will have 20 nominees, so hurry up and nominate your site!

- Hi there again! We have some new nominees and 2 new affies! I checked my email today and uploaded everything I could find. If you nominated and your site isn't up, it probably went lost with the mail. Please submit your request once more! I will keep the site up and running, just came from holidays. Will have more updates from now on! Hugs from ure webmistress..Unik

- Today, after a long break, I uploaded the new layout. I hope you like it! I also received a few nominations, but I haven't posted them yet. I'm also going on holiday again real soon, so I think I'll be back for September. Round 2 finishes the 30 th of September, by the way. I wish u all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! And lots of fun, obviously, that can never miss, right? ^^ Hugs and kisses from ure webmistress, Unik!

- Well, well, well...I have received a few nominations. You can find them on the Nominees page. If there won´t be enough nominees till the 1st of July, I will make a longer Round, arriving to the 1st of August. So, hurry up and nominate!

- I solved the award picking problem, as a few people had problems with it. I´m waiting for your nominations for Round 2!

- Judging for Round 1 is finally over. You can find the winners and the awards pick-up in the Winners section. It has been a hard way choosing. I would have never done it without my two trusted judges : Éülaia Énrathelle and Eámanë Faelivrin. Many thanks to them, and to everyone who nominated. Waiting your nominations for Round 2 as well. Gorgeous new awards are waiting for a name...
Congratulations to all the winners!

- Second round is open!