Drigus Oasis

Drigus Oasis

Wanting to see a drigus, you follow down the dirt path in the silent woods. The path stops and in front of you and there is a small doorway. Wondering how in the world a door appeared in the middle of a forest, you look around it. Seeing that there is no way to get through the thick brush, you open the door catiously. Peering out of it, you see a acres and acres of yellowish white stuff. Stepping out, you realize that it is a desert.

You make your way out into the desert and soon you come to an oasis. Shielding your eyes from the sun, you gaze at the small forests and the few streams that flow into one big lake. You search for a drigus or mabey even a small herd of the beautiful creatures but none you see.
You are soon rewarded. Off to the far left by the lake, five drigetti. You squint, trying to get a better look at the five strange yet beautiful drigetti. Smiling, you make your way over to them.
Before you reach the five drigetti, one of them runs over to you and stops in front of your face.
"Who are you? How'd you get here? Go away!" shouts the angered orange drigus with a blue mane. Another voice pierces the air, the voice of a young woman.
"Now NorthStar! Stop that! That's no way to treat visitors!" you reconize the voice as Brook's and you sigh from relief.
NorthStar snorts and backs up.
"I'm sorry visitor. I was just protecting my herd. I am NorthStar, Lead Stallion of this drigetti herd. I suppose you'd like to meet the herd now? Very well, come along!" snaps the stallion.
A white female drigus greets you with a friendly whinny. she prances in place but does not approach you. Along side of her is a young white male with a red mane. On the left side of the female drigus, is the baby rainbow drigus.
"Hello I am Celine! Welcome welcome! This here is Lylia! She's a rainbow drigus, a strange kind. But that doesn't matter!" Celine exclaims.
"As Celine said, I am Lylia. Guess what? Firecracker asked me to be his mate! Of course I said yes!" Lylia screeches happily. "Now, I must leave. After all, it is time for my daily flight." Lylia flaps her wings and takes off happily. Celine sighs.Celine Lylia
The younger male with the red mane looks at you and snorts softly. "And I am Firecracker, 2nd stallion of the herd. As Lylia told you, we are mates." Firecracker seems to smile happily. "I better go now if I want to catch up with Lylia! Bye visitor!"
Firecracker leaps into the air, wings expanded. He flaps hard, trying to gain speed to catch up with the gliding Lylia. NorthStar turns to you.
"Well, nothing much left here. Do come visit us again." Brook leads you out after you say good bye to the drigetti.
When you start to leave, you hear a soft thumping noise. whirling around, you come face to face to a panting white drigus. The purple maned female catches her breath and manages to speak finally.
"hello.... i... am... Lori. Pleased to meet you. Whew! I'm not very good at running but I'm a wonderful hunter. Angelia has now hatched!" Lori tosses her head to to the right of you. Looking in the way she pointed, you see a a nest made of grass.
"I'm in charge of Angelia and I am her caretaker. Celine was the care taker of Lylia but now that girl is all grown up. Now Aneglia is all grown up too." Lori explains proudly but a little sad.
You nod a thank you to Lori and then you wander over to view the other drigus.
You soon find out what Lori means the Aneglia is all grown up too. She's an adult!
Angelia smiles at you. "Can you talk? Hey, wait a moment, I kinda remember you! Yeah! I remember now! You came when I was a little baby. Well, I'm waaaaay past being a baby! I'm glad that now I can almost keep up with Lylia. We're good friends. It's cool that Lylia has a mate but I feel kinda left out. Hey, there's another drigus now too!! His name is Flame and you can find him by going here. Whisper, the first normal drigus at Faunia, also lives there! We're excited as more dirgetti keep on coming to live at the Drigus Oasis. Well, I was just on my way to go hunting. Perhaps you'd like to come?" You shake your head no. "Well, alright. Ta ta!" Angelia leaves.

Visit Flame and Whisper

Celine came from here

The Silver Unicorn
Lylia came from here



Name: NorthStar

Gender: Male
Age: teen.
Mate: none
Offspring: haha
Parents: n/a
Position: Lead Stallion
NorthStar as a babyNorthStar as a teen


Name: Celine

Gender: Female
Age: adult
Mother: (unknown)
Father: (unknown)
Mate: I'm looking.
Offspring: Ahem. Excuse me but what does that say above?
Siblings: ummm. never knew 'em.
Position: Mare
Celine's eggCeline as a teen


Name: Firecracker

Gender: male
Age: adult
Mother: ???
Father: ???
Mate: Lylia
Offspring: hahah
Position: 2nd lead stallion
Siblings: ???


Name: Lylia

Gender: female
Age: adult
Dam: n/a
Sire: n/a
Mate: Firecracker
Offspring: hehehe
Lylia's eggLylia as a hatchlingLylia as a teen


Name: Angelia

Gender: female
Parents: n/a
Age: teen
Mate: n/a
Offspring: n/a
Angie's eggAngie as a hatchlingAngie as a teen


Name: Lori

Gender: female
Age: adult
Mate: looking
offspring: she can't breed
Parents: n/a
Position: caretaker of young drigetti

Note: all drigetti came from the Silver Unicorn unless otherwise said, like Lylia. Thank you

To the left is a trail that leads down to the sea or you could take that trail and continue to the beach. To the right, the path goes to a valley or you could take the trail that leads to a meadow. Off in the distance, you see small gray stones that stick up out of the earth.

Note: All of the drigus here are from the drigus egg except for Celine. Please do NOT take any of my drigetti! If you have a drigus egg drigetti that i have and you don't have the stages, you are welcome to take the ones you need. Do NOT take a drigetti from the drigus egg just because you want it. you have to adopt it from the original site! Nobody is allowed to take Celine since she is a regular drigus. thanx