Unicorn Meadow

Unicorn Meadow


You enter a very large meadow. Grasses and wild flowers cover the area and nearby is a small lake that flows out into a small stream. The stream winds around and leads into the forest. While you're looking around, you don't notice a unicorn walking up to you. When it speaks, you jump and almost screams>
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. I'm lucky, Leader of the Unicorn Herd here. This is a hred but all the mare shere aren't mine. See, we aren't like horses. We have only one mate for our entire life. My mate is Mira. I suppose you'd like to meet the herd?" You nod. "Alright, there's a sign over there, just follow the arrows to go where you want. Ah! I am also proud to say that there are two Painted Unicorns among us! The first is Joananet and the newest is Cimin, go a visit them why don't you. They aren't part of MY herd though since Paints have their own Charities as they call it. They are quite beautiful." Lucky smiles.
You look at a wooden sign. On diffrent arrows pointing in diffrent positions have names on them.



Painted Unicorns


You hear a whinny and you turn around. To your surprise, you see a little brown alicorn.

"ellwo. me name Dusky. me hatched!!! cool eh? me dust earning to talk too! it hard too. i stay here till more of me's come and there can be a spot just for us. I gotta gooooo. biiiii!!!!" You leave the little alicorn and see a piece of paper with her statz.

Name: Dusky

Gender: Female

Dam: Joya

Sire: Falan

From: Alicorn's Page!

Lucky's stats

Lucky as a hatchling Lucky as a youth Lucky as a teen

Name: Lucky

Age: adult
Mate: Mira
Offspring: n/a
Gender: male
Parents: n/a

You see a little unicorn look at you then dash into the woods. Do you want to follow?

all of the unicorns here except for the equine egg and SilverStar were adopted at the Silver Unicorn. There is a banner above, just click on that.


Off to your right is acres and acres of sand. To your left is a large valley and if you continue the trail it leads down to the beach.

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