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News and Announcements

Well, I have finished with another rewrite of Warlord Brek. See it here! New Version of Warlord Brek. Please comment! Tell me what you think!!

Cute Guys List! Have you been staying up at night wondering who I think is cute? (Like it's so hard to know) Well, they're now all in one place, unscattered. If you have any suggestions, email me at

New Story! See it here! I've been writing this for a while and decided to put it up here. If you want to comment sign my guestbook and I might even email you back. Enjoy!

New Rant! Went over to Agent Merp's house to eat dinner and talked with her about our favorite shows. So of course I had to add a new rant. I'm going to have to have a whole ranting section. I think that will be a major part of my site. Oh, and I think my cacti are dying from the cold weather. That and I haven't watered them for a really long time. I'll take pictures of them soon to show you all their brown and crispy state.

I added an X-files rant because I can't find anywhere on the web where anyone talks about the fact that Mulder is the father of Scully's baby! Come on people! Talk about big news! See here X-Files Rant!

My sister rocks! She redesigned this page for me. Bow down to her skills in html programming. Do it! Now! Or just ignore this because she wrote it.