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UnitedSalseros (Us), is a remarkable collective of independent instructors committed to bringing you high quality and progressive Salsa classes, workshops, functions, promotions and performances.  Its' mission is to celebrate the diversity and elevate the quality of Salsa dancing in Toronto through working with independent, professional, talented, open-minded, and sharing instructors and dancers.  We also assist and support the development of emerging teachers and dancers through collaborative projects and a systematic teaching training program for our volunteers.  Furthermore, our classes are designed to be flexible to your learning pace.  Our students have had great success in the development of their dancing skills, many of which are now successful competitors, members of various dance troops, and also Us volunteer instructors.  We are also proud to say that all UnitedSalseros  workshops, classes & projects have been highly successful.  Our innovative programs and teaching strategies with integrity are now modeled by many.  The main instructors and program directors listed below (along with our volunteers) bring both their common strengths and specialties to their classes, thus offering a comprehensive and diverse program rarely found anywhere else.  Experience the UnitedSalseros  difference!

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Artistic Directors
I'm innocent! Get that thing off my face!  Teddy Olaso, who co-founded UnitedSalseros, started his intensive training in Salsa in 1997 and continued with high profile international and local Salsa instructors.  Within only a span of five years Salsa dancing and instructing, he has trained and coached dancers from social to competitive levels, and continues to teach and perform at numerous locations including Seneca College, Left Bank & Tequila Lounge.  Teddy has an exceptionally smooth dancing style backed with excellent technique, which makes the most visually complex turn patterns seem effortless whenever he executes them.  Furthermore, his five-year training in Chinese internal martial arts and background in social work enables him to teach systematically and adapt to anyone's learning style and pace.  He is one of the most highly regarded and sought after instructors in Toronto.  He has taught many Salsa, as well as Jazz, Hip-Hop & Ballroom dance instructors in Canada.  He is highly recommended for technique instruction and correction for all sorts of dancing-related problems.  Along with Rene & Stephanie, Teddy is one of the key instructors who actively train talented dancers & students into well-rounded future instructors/performers. How did I get stuck between these two?  Stephanie Gurnon Gurnon is a highly experienced Salsa dancer and instructor who has trained extensively with various respected dance instructors around the world for the past 13 years.  She also has dance training in Ballet, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, Jazz & Ballroom.  She has been teaching Salsa for the past six years and has successfully placed 1st in many high-profile Toronto competitions (including 1st place at the 2001 Berlin Salsa competition--professional category).  She has taught classes and workshops at various universities, nightclubs, community and cultural centres and has performed in numerous charity, cultural and community events.  She has performed and taught workshops at numerous International events including the Detroit Salsa Congress 2001, the Los Angeles Salsa Congress last year, and also in San Francisco, Mexico, Japan, Turks & Caicos Islands.  Stephanie is considered to be the most crucial member in promoting the original Afro-Caribbean rooted dance (which then developed into Salsa in NY Puerto Rican Barrios) in Toronto.  She is a well-rounded Salsa dancer as her ability to dance in ANY style of Salsa is phenomenal.  Furthermore, her knowledge of Salsa musicology and styling technique is much sought after by many dancers and other instructors. Wish I was as good looking as my brother  Rene Delgado, one of the co-founders of UnitedSalseros, studied with numerous professional instructors from Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and Puerto Rico.  He has been teaching Salsa for the past seven years at various locations in the city and has performed at different charity, community and cultural events including the prestigious Elgin theatre.  He has also performed and taught workshops at the Detroit Salsa Congress and at the Salsa Pallooza workshop series in Montreal.  Along with Teddy and Stephanie, Rene is one of the main contributors towards the international development and promotion of Salsa dancing in Toronto.  He is also known to have one of the most complex and innovative choreography patterns in town.  His ability to break down movements in a clear, concise fashion and talent for picking up new choreography makes him one of the most respected instructors around.  Rene also currently teaches a complimentary Salsa lesson to 150-200 students at Tequila Lounge along with other Us instructors/volunteers (not be confused with our regular private group lessons mentioned in this program).  He is also the founder of Grupo Sabroso-a dynamic dance troop sizzling with artistic talent!   

Winter-Spring 2002 Schedule - Commencing January 15th to May 31st
program subject to change
Class Description Time Day Location/Room Instructors
Salsa: Level 4 *   TBA TBA TBA  
Rene, Teddy, Stephanie, & Guest Inst.
 *  - an Advanced/Master's Level held once a month.  Participation is strictly by invitation.
Salsa: Level 1 & 2 6:45 p.m. to
7:45 p.m.
Tequila Lounge
Rene, Teddy, Stephanie, & Volunteers 
Salsa: Shines & Styling (Level 2-4) 7:45 p.m. to
8:45 p.m.
Tequila Lounge
Rene, Teddy, & Stephanie 
Salsa: Level 2 7:30 p.m. to
8:30 p.m.
Bar One
Rene, Teddy, Stephanie, & Volunteers 
Salsa: Level 3
5:00 p.m. to
6:00 p.m.
Saturday Martha Hicks
Studio A
Rene, Teddy, Stephanie, & Volunteers 
Salsa: Level 1 6:15 p.m. to
7:15 p.m.
Saturday Martha Hicks
Studio A
Rene, Teddy, Stephanie, & Volunteers 
Class Price
5-Week Registration
$ 75.00 (1 class per week-regular rate)
$145.00 (2 classes per week - $5 savings)
$210.00 (3 classes per week - $15 savings)
10-Week Registration
$140.00 (1 class per week - $10 savings)
$275.00 (2 classes per week - $25 savings)
$390.00 (3 classes per week - $60 savings)
"Anytime" Registration
(per level)
$ 90.00 (5 classes, anytime)
$170.00 (10 classes, anytime - $10 savings)
"Anytime" applies only from
Jan.15/02 to May 31/02

For Registration, please come to any location where UnitedSalseros classes are being taught, or Tequila Lounge any Tuesday evening, and speak to either Rene, Teddy, or Stephanie.

About the Program
Read me or be sorry!
The UnitedSalseros (Us), Salsa program is designed for serious students of all levels and goals (social or competitive).   There are four levels in the program. All levels emphasize the development of a solid foundation in technique, rhythm & timing, choreography, and musicality.  With practice and consistency, these are the "real-life" Salsa skills students need to know to be able to lead/follow the challenging choreography they learn.

There are two to three instructors AND volunteer(s) in each class. Each level (except Level 4) comprises of sub-levels to accommodate students' varying levels (class size is limited to 30 students).  For example, Level 1 is divided into Intro-Beginner, Beginner and Advanced-Beginner sub-levels.  This class design provides a remarkable way to learn in a group setting, balanced with hands-on ,individualized attention.  Students can start their lesson anytime during the duration of the program.  A dance partner is not required to register.

UnitedSalseros reserves the right to deter students from participating in a level that is not suitable for them -- a commitment we have made to maintain our program and teaching standards.  Experience the difference!
Always visit this website or call Us at (416) 631-4412 before you drop in on one of our scheduled classes for possible program changes, especially if it is for registration or assessment purposes.  The pay-per-class rate is $18.00.  Registration/Assessments (in person only), can be usually made 5-10 minutes before or after any scheduled UnitedSalseros class.   Cash payments only.

   A student is allowed to re-schedule only one missed class on a 5-week program and two missed classes on a 10-week program. You may want to consider the "Anytime" Registration package if your schedule changes frequently to give you more flexibility. Please call at least 24-hours prior to the class start-time if you're unable to make any class, otherwise a missed class will be marked as an attended class on your registration record.

   A free assessment is required by Us, prior to the class for any new student who wishes to enter a Level 2 or 3 class.  Those who have very little or no experience in Salsa require no assessment to enter Level 1.


For an assessment, please come to any location where UnitedSalseros classes are being taught or Tequila Lounge any Tuesday evening, and we will be able to perform a 5 minute assessment.  Assessments can be done either by Rene, Teddy, or Stephanie, or you may be assigned to one of our more advanced volunteers.
Assessments are based on a student's proficiency in technique & timing when executing his/her patterns, not on the amount of choreography the student knows.

Bar One Night Club
173 Eglinton Avenue East
(east of Redpath Ave)
Subway:Eglinton Station (Yonge line)

The Martha Hicks School of Ballet
2384 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor
(entrance on Helendale)
Subway:Eglinton Station (Yonge line)

Tequila Lounge
794 Bathurst Street, 2nd floor
(northwest corner of Bloor & Bathurst)
Subway:Bathurst Station

Contact Us @

Telephone:(416) 631-4412

e-mail  unitedsalseros@yahoo.com