Universal Knowledge and Rick Ross
Where does the true help for people end and the sensationalism take over

The Rick Ross Institute, (Official Webpage Link) is an American based institute devoted to "study destructive cults, controversial groups and movements and to provide a broad range of information and services easily accessible to the public for assistance and educational purposes".
What they do not mention is that their only method of investigation to determine what is a cult, religious sect, sci-fi group or hate group is based on a first in first served procedure. If you get in first with your grievance, the actual facts, the background, the credibility or the truth. are irrelevant.
Many organisations such as Landmark and Church of the Immortal Consciousness have faced this battle with The Rick Ross Institute (RRI), which RRI will gladly provide you information on as if it were a trophy in the cabinet.
At the end of the day you cannot deny that there are destructive cults and mind controlling organisations that exist who will manipulate for money, sex, power and control but at the end of the day, it is all completely up to individual experience and perception.
If people of all sects, cults and religions (which are purely acceptable cult environments)are happy within their structure awareness should be made available.
You can see that The Rick Ross Institute has attempted to manage the onslaught created by the original post about Universal Knowledge and Natasha Lakaev, however badly the attempt was.
On looking further you can also see where, rather than accept that you are simply taking information by word of mouth and not accepting all of the documentation - both good and bad that the role of public education and research of cults, sects, religions, sci fi groups, hate groups etc that The Rick Ross Institute prides itself on turns into a 'Jerry Springer' talk show.
What about when those accusing are themselves involved in fraud, child abuse and other illegal offences such as running and managing brothels.
Even when this was brought to the attention of RRI the moral code obviously only extends to certain circumstances.
It is true that religious cults, sects, movements, sci fi groups etc do bring in the vulnerable but how do we identify the vulnerable? People susceptible to this style of abuse intermingled with a few who have just learnt really well through their childhood and upbringing how to act a meek and mild as possible to redeem themselves from any form of responsibility.

There are many things out there to be aware of by way of different cults and movements for example I heard it said recently that Scientology advocates that space ships will come and take you away as the end of the world approaches. Isn't this just Ron Hubbard making an agreement with other beings in the world to farm the human population under the proviso that they are leaving and going to a better place?

If that is another form of the world purging itself of it's own disease (the human race) so that it can survive I say 'so-be-it'. It's much less devastating than tsunami's, earthquakes, increases and decreases in temperature and other freak weather patterns occurring which wipe out thousands.

But......at the end of the day a devoted Scientologist or member of any group or organisation is not going to bargain with the pleas of the nation to open their eyes and look around to see that they are being 'exploited'. If they truly believe they've found the one thing that helps them survive on a daily basis then at least there is a form of happiness somewhere.

Can they not just be left alone rather than made into a spectacle and then 'saved'.

The whole attack on Universal Knowledge is based on people wanting to let everyone know whats going on and helping them to also make the decision to 'leave'.

They appear to be quite happy in their situations, with their children and families. Why is it that they seem to be fine however those who have 'escaped' the supposed cult just can't get past it or leave it alone.

What exactly is the desired outcome? All that you read and hear on posted sites is that they are free, haven't felt better, no longer under a regime or following one person. Well this may be true but if they were so free and away from everything, why are they hanging on so tightly and not letting go.

Why are they obviously consuming their days making phone calls using alias', busy entering information onto websites and entering into useless internet banter if they are "so free". Seems they are only tying themselves further and further into whatever they are saying no longer has a 'hold' on them.

The question has to be asked of peoples true underlying issues when they can't just walk away from something and be done with it. This is not a problem that was created by their involvement with their chosen group, cult, sect or perhaps religion - it is indemic in their personality which is what attracts them to their chosen group, cult, sect or religion.

What RRI hasn't grasped the concept of is that sometimes companies aren't actually what they are claimed to be and that people can be requested to leave based on THEIR background, beliefs and actions, especially if they don't suit the 'company standards'.

How can you possibly be branded a cult when you are the one requesting that your 'cult members' leave and no longer associate themselves with the company?Doesn't seem like a very efficient or money making way to build a cult of supposed mindless followers.
Isn't that the definition of a cult? Perhaps this will clarify things - Cult Definition.

If cults are all about money and power how could you classify a company that asks members to leave a cult?

Perhaps a universal question for RRI to answer as they have the in depth knowledge and more importantly are espousing it to the nation.